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Social responsibility and sustainable development are core values of our company. We are committed to considering the impact on society and the environment in our business operations and actively fulfilling our social roles and obligations. As a responsible enterprise, we pursue coordinated economic, environmental, and social development, and establish trust, cooperation, and win-win relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, and communities, creating shared value. We pay attention to product traceability and production process transparency, as well as employee welfare and safety, striving to provide employees with a healthy, safe, comfortable, fair working environment, and opportunities for career development.
Join Eco World
Sustainable development is an important issue that focuses on the environment, society, and economy. Every small step we take contributes to reducing our impact on the environment, improving the well-being of workers and communities, and promoting long-term economic sustainability.
From Farm to Brand
Provenance is a growing movement around the world, demanding transparent, accurate and accessible information about the things we grow, make, buy and sell.
We have conducted in-depth investigations and research on all the raw materials used in our yarns. Visiting the origins of many raw materials, including wool, cashmere, alpaca, yak, hemp, organic cotton aim to close the gap between the paddock and the product through transparent and responsible practices. Customized sourcing services directly from ranches to brands allow our clients to enjoy a competitive market advantage.
Employee Well-Being
Our goal is to create a supportive, health and safety work environment where our colleague can feel valued, motivated, and cared. We will keep working on work-life balance, physical health, training and development to bring our colleague a sense of belongings.
We believe job satisfaction improves employee engagement and helps attract and retain top talent.
Sustained Investment
The ongoing commitment of allocating resources, both financial and non-financial, improves and enhances various aspects of our operations.We are making consistent efforts to upgrade infrastructure, technologies, processes, and capabilities to meet changing market demands and stay competitive in the industry.
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