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Yarn Archives
Building upon decades of experience in the yarn industry, we have established a strong foundation for our business. We engage in independent development, research, and production of various types of yarn, including coarse-spun, woolen, semi-worsted, worsted, and fancy yarns. Our own dyeing facility further strengthens our capabilities.
We have also collected and archived samples from renowned yarn companies both domestically and internationally, including Italy. Combined with our independently developed yarn varieties, we have curated a collection of  over five hundred sets of yarn in our inventory. Moreover, our company boasts a professional yarn development team that designs and develops new yarn varieties each year, in line with current fashion trends, thus enhancing the range of yarn options available.
Stitch Crafting Studio
The diversity of stitches makes sweater special compare with the other garment category. The collision of different gauge, the texture created by interweaving different yarns, and the use of jacquard, cable, intarsia, and pointelle present the unparalleled charm of sweaters.
We have established our own stitch-make studio, equipped with the latest Stoll and Steiger machines, conducted research on knitting techniques from both domestic and international sources. This enables us to provide a continuous stream of inspiration for our designers.
Prototype Specialist
The diligent Shifu and workers are the core members of our In. Right family. With their decades of experience in the sweater industry, they transform designers' sketches into real garments. Their expertise and years of experience play a crucial role in bringing the designer's vision to life.
We have 24 sample machines that cover gauges ranging from 16gg to 3gg. We have a team of 30 dedicated workers who are committed to sample development and production. We offer a 72-hour sample service for urgent requests from our clients, ensuring prompt delivery of samples.
Creative Design Service
Designers are collectors of cutting-edge fashion information. They gather the latest trends and provide monthly trend reports based on the current season's fashion news. Additionally, they assist in developing creative stitches and patterns based on the inspirations and ideas of client designers. They also provide assistance with paper pattern making and designer sketches to bring their visions to life.
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