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Zhejiang Inright
Inright is a professional manufacturer of knitted yarn and sweater who owns a complete industry supply chain from fibers to finished garments. Decades of dedicated experience in the industry, abundant professional knowledge, excellent development capabilities, and strict quality control are the fundamental factors for us to establish a foothold in the high-end fashion market. We deeply understand market demands, providing customers with the best solutions, and always focusing on innovation and improvement to ensure we maintain a leading position in an ever-evolving market.

Vertical Production Platform

As a full industry chain supplier, we are familiar with the origins and properties of various textile fibers and have conducted in-depth research and investigation into the use of different materials. We have visited origin of most materials, including wool, cashmere, alpaca, mohair, hemp, and organic cotton. Additionally, we possess extensive knowledge of spinning and garment production. Our engineering personnel are well-versed in the entire production process and can meet various customer demands.
Innovation Lab
Our inhouse research and development lab provides monthly fashion trends. Annually we develop over 200 novelty yarns and more than 500 stitch pattern.The development center provides customers with a sample garment-making service within 72 hours to quickly help customers meet their needs from design drawings to finished clothing.
Smart Data Management System
With the help of an advanced ERP system, the company achieves efficient management and timely response to customer needs.
At the same time, we deeply understand that quality is the fundamental factor of a company. Therefore, we carefully polish every link in the production factory, establish a strict QA/QC system, and ensure that every yarn and every piece of clothing has excellent quality



Inright has an outstanding team of enthusiastic and young professionals who are dedicated to the industry. Our relentless pursuit is to become a top-notch supplier of sweaters and yarn.

Our Address

3F.,Building 1, No.606 QiuyiRoad,Binjiang,Hangzhou (310051) Zhejiang Prov., China


  Address:3F.,Building 1, No.606 Qiuyi Road, Binjiang, Hangzhou (310051) Zhejiang Prov., China




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