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Dyeing Mill
To accommodate the diverse and short-cycle nature of orders, we have made equity investments in top- dye and yarn-dye mill. This allows us to provide services to our clients in low MOQ, custom color, short lead times, and quick reorders. Our goal is to meet the demands of our customers by offering efficient and flexible solutions.
Spinning Mill
Woolen and semi-worsted yarn have been the company's main products for the past 20 years. Equipped with modern 6S management and strict quality system certification, we have an annual production capacity of 20,000 spindles for semi-worsted yarn and 20 production lines for woolen yarn.
As sweater fashion evolve, there is a growing demand for fancy yarns. To meet this demand, we have upgraded our equipment and invested in additional processing machinery. Today, pre-twisting yarn, wrapped yarns, brushed yarns, and boucle yarns have become important products.
We will continue to upgrade and transform our production lines, aiming to deepen the advantages of our core products while expanding the diversity of our product offerings.
Knitwear Plant

Jiaxing Inright Knitwear Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned knitwear factory invested by our company. We adopt the 6S on-site management and ERP production management system, as well as the highest standards of quality management, social responsibility, and sharp tool management, to ensure that each piece of clothing produced by us is complete, high-quality, and traceable, and that each of our employees receives due respect and social welfare. Our in-house laundry facility has a direct oversight of the washing process, ensuring that sweaters are washed, dried, and shaped to perfection. By integrating laundry services seamlessly into the daily workflow, it eliminates the delays and inefficiencies associated with outsourcing, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency and quality control .

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